The Retromat Forum is live – Join :)

tl;dr The Retromat Forum is live – Connect with fellow facilitators

It’s high time to support a community around Retromat that is independent of me!

For example, because there are a lot of cool activities that never make it into Retromat – for various reasons (such as being tied to a specific time of year). But these activities would still be valuable to a lot of fellow facilitators. And in the Retromat Forum these can still be widely shared!

Another reason is that y’all are amazing people! The overwhelming majority of Retromat users I talk to are lovely and insightful and more of you should get to meet each other! (Only if you want to, of course!)

When I thought about which platform to build, I landed on forums. I’m probably showing my age here… It’s just that as far as asynchronous exchanges go, forums have always worked for me. The old phpbb forums, Reddit (arguably a kind of forum). My hope is that I’m not alone with that and forums work for you, too!

Screenshot of the Retromat Forum

You surely know why communities hum or fall silent: They rise and fall with the people and discussions in them. I’ve met enough of you to know that you are interesting people with all sorts of tricks up your sleeves so I’d love for you to join! Get an account and share that activity! Or ask that question 🙂