New: Debriefing Cube โ€“ Online!

tl;dr I’ve built an online version of the brilliant Debriefing Cube CC-BY Julian Kea and Chris Caswell:

Long version:

Debriefing is a super important skill for a facilitator. Exercises become more valuable when participants reflect on their observations and the meaning they make of everything.

Truth be told, I’m not as good at debriefing as I’d like to be. I tend to rely on the same debriefing questions over and over…

That’s why I was very excited when Julian Kea and Chris Caswell created the Debriefing Cube and shared it with all of us under a CC-BY license. It gives you a ton of different debriefing questions focussing on different areas, such as Goals, Group Dynamics, Process etc. โ€“ in seven different languages!

I loved it so much that I added it as an activity in Retromat despite the fact that it’s not self-contained. (I strongly prefer activities that can be described stand-alone so that you’ve got all the instructions you need when you print out a plan.)

Then, when I build the giant Retromat Miroboard Template I looked around for an online version and … couldn’t find one… ๐Ÿ™ So I reached out to Julian and asked him. Turns out, there wasn’t an online version yet. I asked whether I could build one and here we are ๐Ÿ˜€

The Debriefing Cube Online randomly suggests a different debriefing question each time:

PS: The layout of the cards is taken from a very early prototype, Julian and Chris had already built. Thank you for letting me re-use that! And obviously thank you for the Debriefing Cube in general!

Chris and Julian’s prototype

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