Check-Ins, Ice Breakers and Mini Games

There are a million different ways to start a meeting with something that connects the participants. The activities for “Set the Stage” in Retromat has some specifically for retrospectives. Today I’d like to share two additional resources with you, to check out for inspiration: by Denkwerk

Quite well known, at least in Germany: This site randomly suggests a question, e. g. to ask at the beginning of the daily standup. A nice collection with a very pleasing look and feel. by Dominic Lagger

If you’d like to invest a tiny bit more time you can insert more playfullness with one of the games from this site.

Which sites, questions or games do you like to use to get off to a great start?

PS: Did you know there's a Retromat eBook Bundle? Ready-made retrospective plans for beginners and all activities from Retromat for experienced facilitators. Check out the Retromat books