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Print Edition
Out of print.
Not available in the foreseeable future.

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You click around in Retromat just for the fun of it? You like to interact with real, physical objects?

Great, the Retromat Print Edition is for you! It's useful, it's beautiful, and it's fun!

The print equivalent of the digital Retromat contains 50 activities - 10 for each of the 5 phases. You can either flip all phases in sync to get 10 matched plans - ordered from "beginner-friendly" to "experienced facilitator" - or flip around to mix-and-match a plan (much as with the digital version). The latter allows for 100,000 different combinations for retrospectives lasting between 60 to 120 minutes.

The Print edition is so much fun to play with! See it in action:

Cut-It-Yourself Edition

15 € (18 $)

1 Retromat Print Edition Uncut - Cut it yourself, make it yours!
Here's how to cut one with a pair of 25cm (10 inches) scissors.


Cut Edition

25 € (30 $)

1 Retromat Print Edition - Cut and ready to "flap"


Supporter Edition (Cut)

40 € (47 $)

1 Retromat Print Editon - Lovingly cut by yours truly +

As a "Supporter" you contribute to hosting for the digital version, which secures you
  • bragging rights,
  • the "Retromat Supporter" badge for your website,
  • the pleasant feeling of doing something good :)


The Fineprint: