Retromat Books

Let's see what can help you reach the next level in facilitating retrospectives:

The eBook Bundle

"Plans for Retrospectives" is for beginners to get started with tried-and-true plans.

Once you know your way around, "Run great agile retrospectives" contains all 135+ activities in Retromat for you to mix and match. It's perfect for seeing the full range of ideas out there.

Both sound great? Check out the Retromat eBook Bundle – and get "Asking for a better future" on top

The Print Edition

Physically flip through and combine 50 activities from Retromat. It's perfect for getting inspired by its playfulness or for intriguing others to check it out.

More about the Retromat Print Edition

Retromat Miroboard Mega Template

Admitted, this is not a book. But if you're using Miro for your retrospectives ...

Check out the Miroboard Mega Template

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