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Run Great Agile Retrospectives

Are your retrospectives not going as well as you'd like them to? Do they feel a little same-y? The same people discussing the same topics with the same conclusions again and again? Or even worse, all the team ever does is complaining?

Wouldn't it be great if they all participated, had new insights and agreed to act on them?

Well, buckle up because this ebook is chock-full of activities for just about every team situation and then some! Knowing these 125+ activities and when to apply them will let you come up with perfectly fitting retrospectives – without scouring the web for hours.

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Ramp up your game with the largest collection of activities for retrospectives: More than 20 activities for each of the 5 phases of a retrospective, plus a few ideas outside the box.

Each activity is described in enough detail to facilitate it. You get a time estimate and a recommendation for which of Tuckman's team stages (forming, norming, storming, etc.) it's the best fit.
"Through this book, Corinna has made our design work so much smoother. I turn to the Retromat with each new retrospective I lead. I browse through each chapter. I consider what the new team needs, and which activities will help them best. Her choices give me new ideas. Proceeding from the "Default" plan, through the chapters, she leads us through to retrospective gold. It’s a treasure trove! 

In every retrospective facilitators workshop I lead, I recommend the Retromat as a primary resource. I’m glad you’ve found it too."

Excerpt from the foreword by Diana Larsen
(Co-author of "Agile Retrospectives: Making Good Teams Great")
A great retrospective is great (duh!), but it's only half the way. Retrospectives are a means to an end and that end is change, hopefully improvement.

If your teams are not committing to action items or aren't implementing them, don't worry. This book has got you covered. You will learn different ways to address problematic behaviours, how to engage everyone during retrospectives and help your team hone in on and follow-through on action items.
Checking the book out is risk-free for you:
1) Full money-back guarantee – You get your money back if you're not happy!
2) You get all future updates and additions to the book for free!

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