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Support a project that helps thousands of agilists have better retrospectives: Sponsor Retromat for a month and see your karma points go through the roof. Contact Corinna for more information 🙂

As a Retromat fan you’d love to sponsor but you have to sell it to someone else? Well, as a Retromat sponsor you associate yourself with THE tool for planning retrospectives and reach 27k unique visitors (as of October 2019) – Agile coaches, Scrum Masters, and facilitators. It’s a great opportunity to look for new colleagues or spread the word about training courses.

“Retromat Sponsor of the Month” package

  • Your logo on the Retromat homepage for at least 28 days. Your logo links to a URL of your choice
  • We add 2 activities to Retromat and when announcing them, we mention you in the newsletter to our 8000+ subscribers (as of October 2019; opening rate is 40%
  • We add a blog post to the Retromat blog and when announcing it, we mention you in the newsletter to our subscribers
  • Your logo on the page with all sponsors. You’ll stay on there for at least 1 year. Your logo links to a URL of your choice
  • Bragging rights – Proudly proclaim that you’re a sponsor.

Sponsor special features

Apart from the standard package you can also sponsor special features that we’ve always wanted to build, such as:

  • Mobile version for narrow viewports
  • Show more information per activity, such as duration, team stage, …
  • Advanced Search

Become a Sponsor

Contact Corinna if you’re interested in supporting Retromat!