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How much time has Retromat saved you?
How many great retrospectives has it inspired?

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Do you remember time before Retromat?

When I started out as a Scrum Master in 2010, me and my team did the same retrospective sprint after sprint. We got some value out of it, but failed to have any breakthroughs. Then I read "Agile Retrospectives" and it helped a lot!

With the 5 phases for structure and some activity ideas we started to make headway because we looked at our challenges from a new angle with each retrospective. I started to be on the lookout for new activity ideas. Unfortunately, they were scattered all over the web. My list of bookmarks grew and with them my prep-time before retrospectives, re-reading blog posts to find a good fit.

A dream...

It was around this time that I first dreamed of a go-to place containing lots of retrospective ideas. A place to get me started with fresh ideas, so that I could take it from there and tailor it to my team and its situation. Alas, it didn't exist. Until I build it.

... come true!

The launch version had only 16 activities. I hoped to have 50 activities one day. 100 activities were a VERY ambitious, hazy goal. I honestly didn't think we'd get to the 120+ activities we're at now. And I added all of them on late nights and weekends. That used to be okay, but in October 2014 I became a mom. Since then I don't have late nights anymore (way too tired) and the weekends belong to my little girl.

Money is Time

That's why I've been slower to add activities. There's a backlog of 30+ exciting activities waiting to be added, plus features like comments and advanced search. I need some dedicated Retromat time and it can't come out of my family time. That's where your donations come in!

Judging from emails and tweets, Retromat is really helpful to a lot of people. If half of them donated what Retromat is worth to them, I could make Retromat that much better!

You probably know the saying "Time is money"? The reverse is also true: "Money is time"! With enough donations, I could take unpaid leave to dedicate time to Retromat. With generous donations I could make it a regular thing.

Has Retromat ever saved the day for you and your team? Does Retromat continue to save you time and give you ideas? Then I'd really appreciate your support!

Via Paypal
Donations are NOT tax-deductible

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this tax-deductible? Are you a charitable entity?

No to both. Retromat is not a charitable organization and "donations" are not tax-deductible. Sorry!

Do I get a receipt of any kind?

If you need it just for your own documents, you can email me with the relevant data and I will send you a receipt.
If you need an invoice to expense at your employer that looks better than a non-tax-deductible "donation", consider buying this book instead of the Paypal route. You can set your own price, I'll get about 70% of it and the book shop takes care of VAT and the invoice.

Can I also donate via Bank Transfer?

Yes: Corinna Baldauf, IBAN: DE09500310001032818001, BIC / SWIFT: TRODDEF1

Why donations? Why not Ads / Patreon / ...?

I've thought about alternatives, but they all come up short: I hate ads. I’m not sure how I feel about sponsorship, but I’d probably only accept sponsors I genuinely think are good, which limits the possibilities...
Patreon is a cool concept, but I would have to come up with additional stuff for the Patrons and I can't even keep up the basic Retromat work that I think is crucial...
That's why I'm trying donations first. With your donation you help keeping Retromat free and ad-free.

Any other questions?

Please don't hesitate to ask! You can contact me via email or Twitter.

Corinna Baldauf
Kühlwetterstr. 30
40239 Düsseldorf

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Donations are NOT tax-deductible