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Truth or Dare retro

This worked well even with the slightly staid team I was working with.

Prepare 15 to 25 scraps of paper folded each with a question inside. Obviously the value comes from the questions, I went for about half agile/scrum/retro related and half truth or dare. You'll know your team and environment but here's some for starters:

  • Give us the names of two people who work in the support areas of your org (cleaners, security staff, the people generally overlooked). Good prompt to look out for everyone in your org.
  • dare - tell us how the sprint went this time, in a foreign accent.
  • Truth - tell the team a secret about yourself.
  • Dare - what's the worst thing you've ever done off camera while in an online meeting
  • What's what worst thing about doing agile
  • On the white board draw a movie, we get to guess which, that sums up this sprint / project / year
  • Tell the 2nd person to your left one of the qualities you admire about them

You get the idea, you'll need to give people space and permission to be open and honest, a funny hat helps that you can draw questions out of.

Hope this helps