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Easter is around the corner and I like to pick up topics around to bring some fun into the retros.

Does anyone of you has special activities with an Easter theme in mind or changed some of the retromat ones to Easter ones?

Hi there!

Congrats, the honour of first real question will forever be yours!

I'm a bit late to the party, with Easter being this weekend but maybe somebody finds this thread in a year from now, so here goes:

A nice start might be Surprise! because it's with (Kinder Surprise) eggs. If I'm working with a playful team I might even hide them 😀

And for the gather data/generate insight, I'd think about adapting Genie in a Bottle into "The Easter Bunny has left X present(s) for you"  with X being anything between 1 and 3. Depending on what I think the team needs I would pick categories other than the genie ones such as: "Each of you gets an egg with a technical improvement and it is just what you wanted. Think about it for 2 minutes. What is in your egg?"

Since Easter is practically here, what did you end up doing, rice_cracker Ricarda?